Yufeng Hao

Research Scientist (2014-2016)

Yufeng Hao

Associate Research Scientist

Center for Integrated Science and Engineering & Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Columbia University


530 West 120th Street                                                    Phone: (512) 576-3225

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Professional Experience

01/2014-2016    Associate Research Scientist  The Hone Lab, Department of Mechanical EngineeringColumbia University 

Research Activity: Two-dimensional (2D) material electrical and optical devices.  

10/2010-01/2014   Research Fellow The Ruoff Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Texas at Austin

Research Activity: High-quality 2D materials by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth; study of growth kinetics; electrical device design, fabrication, and measurement. 

03/2007-09/2010   Research Fellow Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore

Research Activity: Graphene fabrication; optical and electrical characterizations; design, installation, and test of CVD growth systems as well as electrical transport systems.  

06/2006-03/2007    Research Associate Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Research Activity: One-dimensional nanomaterials growth and characterizations.


Education Experience

09/2001-06/2006  Ph.D. Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, Anhui, China.        

09/1997-07/2001   B.S. National Training Program for Physics Researchers and Teachers, Department of Physics, Shanxi University, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China.


Research Expertise & Interests

*Growth of high quality 2D materials, 2D material hetero-structures, and other novel materials; 

*Robust growth mechanisms of 2D materials;

*Exotic electrical, optical, and mechanical properties of novel materials;

*Design and fabrication of 2D materials devices for electronic and optoelectronic applications.



[Citations: 2065;  H-index:  25;  Google Scholar, December 18, 2014

                   1622;  H-index:  22;  ISI Web of Science, December 18, 2014]

 Details: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=OtNCDwsAAAAJ&hl=en


First Author Papers 

  1. 1. Yufeng Hao, M. S. Bharathi, Lei Wang, Yuanyue Liu, Hua Chen, Shu Nie, Xiaohan Wang, Harry Chou, Cheng Tan, Babak Fallahazad, H. Ramanarayan, Carl W. Magnuson, Emanuel Tutuc, Boris I. Yakobson, Kevin F. McCarty, Yong-Wei Zhang, Philip Kim, James Hone, Luigi Colombo, and Rodney S. Ruoff, The Role of Surface Oxygen in the Growth of Large Single-Crystal Graphene on Copper, Science 2013, 342, 720-723 (Cover Story)
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  3. 3. Yufeng Hao, Yingying Wang, Lei Wang, Zhenhua Ni, Ziqian Wang, Rui Wang, Chee Keong Koo, Zexiang Shen, and John T.L. Thong, Probing Layer Number and Stacking Order of Few-Layer Graphene by Raman Spectroscopy, Small 6(2010)  195-200.
  4. 4. Yufeng Hao, Guowen Meng, Zhong Lin Wang, Changhui Ye, Lide Zhang, Periodically twinned nanowires and polytypic nanobelts of ZnS: the role of mass diffusion in Vapor-Liquid-Solid growth, Nano Lett. 6 (2006) 1650-1655. 
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Co-author Papers

  1. 9. Wenzhuo Wu, Lei Wang, Yilei Li, Fan Zhang, Long Lin, Simiao Niu, Daniel Chenet, Xian Zhang, Yufeng Hao, Tony F. Heinz, James Hone, Zhong Lin Wang, Piezoelectricity of single-atomic-layer MoS2 for energy conversion and piezotronics, Nature 2014, 514, 470-474.
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Book Chapters

  1. 1. Guowen Meng, and Yufeng Hao, Controlled synthesis of novel architectures consisting of one-dimensional nanostructures by vapor routes, Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology edited by H. S. Nalwa, Volume 12, 2011. American Scientific Publisher




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Invited and contributed conference presentations

  1. 1. “Raman Spectroscopy and Imaging of Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene” (Invited Talk), WiTec-Harvard University Workshop: 3D Raman Imaging and Correlative Scanning Microscopy Techniques, Cambridge, MA August 14-15, 2014.
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Referee Works for Scientific Journals

Nature Communications;   Nano Letters;    ACS NANO;    Advanced Materials;     Advanced Functional Materials;   Energy & Environmental Science;    Applied Physical Letters;   ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces;  Carbon;    Journal of Physical Chemistry;   Journal of Materials Chemistry A/C;   Nano Research;     Crystal Growth & Design;   Optics Express;  Journal of Applied Physics;    Nanotechnology;    Scientific Reports;   Journal of Materials Research;    Journal of Nano Research;     Physics Letters A;    Materials Research Initiative;   Materials Letters;  Chemistry Letters;  Materials Research Bulletin;    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics;    Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B;    IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology     



Professional Membership

2011-present American Physical Society

2010-present Materials Research Society

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